IQOS MESH Vape Kit - Deep Teal

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The IQOS Mesh Vape Kit in Deep Teal includes:

- IQOS MESH Device
- IQOS USB Cable
- IQOS AC Adaptor

IQOS MESH is to be used only with specially designed VEEV Flavour Capsules, which are sold separately.

(Note - Nicocig Mesh capsules are not compatible with this device)

IQOS MESH uses a unique technology designed to provide a consistent vape every time. The IQOS MESH isn’t just a sleek design, it is also tough and durable. Contrasting brushed and polished aluminum come together in a range of curated colors.

- No Burnt Taste. Designed to prevent overheating and burnt taste, so you can enjoy a consistent vape every time

- Convenience. One 90-minute charge lasts a full day ** (based on average consumption of 1 capsule per day)

- Swap flavours on the go. Easy On. Easy Off

- Automatic puff activation provides a button free experience

- Quality/Safety: Aluminum body for strength and durability in a lightweight device

- Our triple protection battery prevents overheating, short circuiting and pressure build-up

Also available in Soft Bronze or Metallic Grey

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Earn 200 E-quids with this product. 200 E-quids = £2.00.

Earn 200 E-quids with this product. 200 E-quids = £2.00.


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