Red Wings Original E-liquid

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Vivid Original Red Wings e-liquid has a unique flavour that really divides opinion. Think energy drink taste but in vapour form!

With a Vegetable Glycerol to Propylene glycol ratio of 30:70, Vivid Original e-liquids give all the flavour and satisfaction you want with a fuller throat feel.

Developed by our experienced flavourists with over 40 year’s total experience, you can be assured each flavour tastes great and provides a satisfying vape experience.

To ensure premium quality, all of our e-liquids are subjected up to 6 months of development and testing and are required to pass additional tests over those legally required

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Possibly the best E-Liquid
Possibly the best E-Liquid
Possibly the best E-Liquid

This E-Liquid is one of the best on the market! 12mg is just enough to give it the kick of a real fag! So sweet yet so additive! Perfect!