Nicocig Regular Disposable Menthol High Electronic Cigarette

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The Nicocig Regular Disposable is a small and lightweight e-cigarette. A fully disposable electronic device that uses advanced microelectronic technology. When inhaled upon, the nicotine solution is heated and turned to vapour.

The realistic menthol flavour is ideal for traditional menthol cigarette smokers and tastes just like the real thing. Of course, there is none of the tobacco and none of the tar!

What are the advantages of Nicocig Regular Disposable Menthol High?

✓ Small and lightweight

✓ Menthol Flavour

✓ Use Indoors (subject to any venue restrictions)

✓ No Tar

✓ No Tobacco

✓ Real nicotine satisfaction

Nicocig disposable products now contain a re-usable battery offering you even more convenience and value for money!

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